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Central Government Employees are calling “Central Government Payroll Software” for the tools / calculators being used currently. With the so-called “Existing Payroll Software” they were able to handle generation of Paybill along with required schedules.  However, the calculations took a new turn which are not being handled by existing payroll system in place.

Issues which cannot be handled by Existing Payroll Software:

1. Annual Increment: As per regulations, Annual Increment is offered to employees who completed Six Months of Service as on June 1st of the Year. Rate-of-Increment is 3% on Pay In Bank + Grade Pay. No individual shall draw less than the minimum Pay Band or maximum of Pay Band. If the employee falls less than the minimum, pay will be elevated to the minimum Pay Band and in case of more, it shall be restricted to maximum Pay Band. DDOs find it difficult to calculate as minute mistake also will be effecting pay of the employee and find below sample calculation on Annual Increment of an employee as per Sixth Pay Commission by using existing Payroll Software.

2. Increment on Promotion: This is one more area, where DDOs have to put extra efforts due to the complexity of the calculations. For promotion between 2nd Jan to 30th Jun of the year:-

* Only New grade pay is given from the date of promotion
* One Additional increment is given and Annual Increment to be calculated – 3% on Pay In Band + Previous Grade Pay
* Individual opting for fixation of pay on promotion (2nd Jan to 30th Jun) Annual Increment will be July next year
* For promotion effective from 01 July to 01 January of the following year, one Additional Increment on the date of promotion over and above Annual Increment

With the complexity of calculations, existing Payroll Software is not meeting expections

3. Allowances: Allowance means a reserve fund created by a charge against profits in order to provide for changes in the value of a company’s services / assets. In other words, Allowance is a permissible difference allowing some freedom to move within limits.

Allowances for Central Government Employees can be divided into two types and they are namely Regular and Fixed Allowances with various sub classifications.

* Regular Allowances are classified as – Non Practicing Allowance, Dearness Allowance (DA), House Rent Allowance (HRA), Transport Allowance (TA), Family Planning Allowance (FPA), etc.

* Fixed Allowances are classified as – Cycle Allowance, Washing Allowance, Child Care Allowance, Split Duty Allowance, Fixed Medical Allowance, Special Sports Allowance, Hindi Pay, Conveyance Allowance, Cash Handling Allowance, Care Taking Allowance, Special Allowance for NE Regions, Hard Area Allowance, Leave Encashment with LTC, etc.

It will be hectic task for any DDO to remember Allowances and applicable cadres in the organization. If some utility is provided (as existing Payroll Software had its own limitations) to remember all such aspects, it saves time and energy to the DDOs and they can look into other aspects which will strengthen their organization / department.

4. Deductions: This is one more area of pain to the DDO while preparing Pay Bill or Pay Roll month on month. There are certain deductions will be known by the face of it and some other needs calculation. GPF or NPS Subscription, CGEIS, CGHS, PLI, GPF Advance, Professional Tax, Festival Advance, Motor Car Advance, Rent, Computer Loan, Motor Cycle Advance, Flood Advance, Income Tax. In some cases, DDO has to deduct salary against orders issued to Court of Law i.e. Court Attachment. Some of these deductions attracts Interest and some other are Interest Free. Either way DDO has to calculate while preparing Salary Pay Bill for the month.

Sometimes, existing payroll software may not calculate efficiently and in such instances, DDOs have to calculate manually.

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